Friday, September 08, 2017


We have been in Iceland for almost a week. It has been awe inspiring to drive around in this country! We started by spending two nights in the western area, north of Reykjavik then made our way to the south coast, going as far east as Hofn. We are now back in Reykjavik, and leave tomorrow afternoon for home. The weather has been really changeable and we have had lots of rain. The scenery is so spectacular, and we've been amazed at how varied it is, sometimes changing from black lava plains to bright green pastures as you go around a bend in the road. The mountains are rugged and impressive in size, and we've seen so many beautiful waterfalls. With the weather being a bit uncooperative, it has been great to have our rental car and be flexible with our sightseeing to take advantage of photo opportunities. 
The food is just as expensive as we expected, but is very nicely prepared and really delicious. This is still high season for tourists, and all of the restaurants are very busy. We've seen many people travelling in rented motor homes or small vans, and there are lots of campgrounds around. 
This morning we are heading to the Blue Lagoon to have a soak. We have clear skies at the moment, so should be a great experience!
Will share a few photos (I have MANY!)....