Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Naples- Pizza & Dioramas!

We arrived here yesterday around 6pm, probably the craziest time to be in the Naples traffic! There was gridlock on the main streets near the train station, and although two policemen were in the middle of the road attempting to direct traffic, people were pretty much ignoring them. It was quite entertaining and I enjoyed it even more after doing up my seatbelt!! I gather this is typical of Naples, so we were lucky enough to
experience it firsthand.
This morning we walked around the area near our B&B - we were both surprised to see the number of shops & stalls selling "dioramas"- either manger scenes or just everyday life scenes. Some of them had amazing detail.
The highlight of our walk was finding the oldest (1870) pizza restaurant in Napoli (pizza was invented here), and having both a marguerita and a marinara, the only types they make. The guy putting them together must have been 80 years old, and it was great to watch his assistants baking them in the wood oven. I'll post a few photos.
This will be my last blog post - it's been fun to write about our experiences- hope you have enjoyed it too!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Photos of Civita in the fog & Russ's lunch!

Orvieto & Civita di Bagnoregio

After spending a few more days in Rome (picking up our temporary passports), we are now in the province of Umbria in the hill town of Orvieto. This is a very appealing town- just large enough to have a good selection of shops, restaurants etc but still retaining the charm of a medieval walled city.
Yesterday we got an early start and took a bus to Civita di Bagnoregio, known as "the dying town". The town is built on a pinnacle of volcanic rock that has been eroding over the years, as well as suffering an earthquake which caused further damage...in a nutshell the edges of the town are crumbling and buildings are cracking and becoming unstable. The population is now approximately 11 full time residents. A footbridge connects it to its sister city Bagnoregio.
Today we will take in the sights of Orvieto- we are really enjoying the food here, and it's a good thing the holiday is almost over, as our waistlines are expanding rapidly!! Last night I had duck breast in wild fennel sauce- it was scrumptious!!
Tomorrow we head to Naples and fly home on the 30th. We are both really looking forward to being back home.
Here are a few photos!