Saturday, September 13, 2014

Photos from today and yesterday

We just got back from having supper at a restaurant in Nasbinals, and since we're both turning into pumpkins, wanted to post more photos before we turn in for the night. Today was an interesting walk, as we climbed up onto the Aubrac plateau, so the scenery changed quite abruptly. Hopefully you will see what I mean in the photos.

Leaving Le Rouget
Downtown Aumont-Aubrac
Church window in Aumont-Aubrac
Aligot demonstration at our gite!
Aubrac plateau
Slate roofs in this area
Snake eating a mouse on the trail!


Friday, September 12, 2014

La Clauze to Le Rouget to Aumont-Aubrac

We have not had wifi the last two days, so you are getting a couple of updates close together!

Yesterday (Sep 11) was a beautiful of those days when we just felt thankful to be doing what we are doing! Our gite had self serve breakfast, which suits us perfectly, as we can start walking by 8 am. The weather was wonderful- cool and a bit foggy in the morning, with the sun appearing at noon. This time we had a nice breeze, and plenty of shady parts on the trail. The terrain was very gentle, with undulating hills that we hardly noticed. Saw quite a few pilgrim friends on the trail, and although the chats are brief, it's nice to reconnect. Again, this experience is very Camino-like so far.

We have been in the land of cheese, so be prepared for lots of cow photos. They have such appealing faces that both of us can't seem to stop taking their photos! The cheese has been delicious....we are noticing now that the meals end with a cheese platter, but then the real dessert comes after that, so it's kind of an appetizer for dessert. Last night we again had a fun communal dinner with people we had met previously, and this time there were a few who spoke some English, so it was very enjoyable. One thing that has surprised me is that after being in France for a week, we are starting to get braver about using our high school French. I am remembering phrases and actually conversing a bit with people, and understanding their responses....this amazes me, after not using it for forty odd years! My high school teacher would be proud!

Today (Sep 12) we left our gite at 7:30am, which was great, as it was a clear morning but there were patches of fog in the valleys, so it was beautiful. The last two days we have walked roughly 21 km., and it was the same today. There were more hills though, and a couple of challenging descents into the towns. Very rocky trenches with steep sides, so no level place to walk. We just took it slowly and did fine, but the knees felt it! The walking sticks do help though. We had one break in Les Estrets at a very nice gite where we were able to buy two hot chocolates and blue cheese baguette sandwiches, so that was perfect to fuel us for the last 7 kilometres. We arrived at Aumont-Aubrac at 1pm, and checked into our gite, Les Sentiers Fleuris, did our laundry, banking, and had beer and a bite to eat at a bar across the street. Tonight we will see Aligot being made, as the owner of the gite puts on quite a show apparently. This is a very nice, well run gite. We have our own room and bathroom again, so consider ourselves lucky! Enjoy the photos from today and yesterday. Tomorrow is going to be a 25 km day, so our longest yet.

Au revoir!

PS we had to charge the iPad, so couldn't load the latest photos...will get them done soon.

Free Range Cattle!
We asked her to say "fromage" !!

Chapelle Saint-Roch