Sunday, October 27, 2013

Photos of Civita in the fog & Russ's lunch!

Orvieto & Civita di Bagnoregio

After spending a few more days in Rome (picking up our temporary passports), we are now in the province of Umbria in the hill town of Orvieto. This is a very appealing town- just large enough to have a good selection of shops, restaurants etc but still retaining the charm of a medieval walled city.
Yesterday we got an early start and took a bus to Civita di Bagnoregio, known as "the dying town". The town is built on a pinnacle of volcanic rock that has been eroding over the years, as well as suffering an earthquake which caused further a nutshell the edges of the town are crumbling and buildings are cracking and becoming unstable. The population is now approximately 11 full time residents. A footbridge connects it to its sister city Bagnoregio.
Today we will take in the sights of Orvieto- we are really enjoying the food here, and it's a good thing the holiday is almost over, as our waistlines are expanding rapidly!! Last night I had duck breast in wild fennel sauce- it was scrumptious!!
Tomorrow we head to Naples and fly home on the 30th. We are both really looking forward to being back home.
Here are a few photos!

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  1. Now let me understand. One plate is clearly smaller, and lacking pieces shown on the other. Russ, are you force feeding Linda????

    Either way, it looks good, I dunno how you can be gaining weight on a diet like that, perhaps it's the wine..... Then again, NO!